Monday, June 8, 2020

vRBC displays a warning about the vROPS Extension under vCenter Data collection

Recently we are seeing the warnings in vRBC .I am sure it's not gonna cause any issues with data collection since usage of vRBC adapter in vROPS has been not supported from vROPS 6.7

Resolution : Log into vCenter instance mob page and un-register the old vCOPS extension after which the data collection warning should disappear.Just take a snapshot of the vCenter to be safer before following the steps.

Steps to un-register the plugin:

  • In a web browser navigate to http://vCenter_Server_Name_or_IP/mob
  • Click Content
  • Click ExtensionManager.
  • Click UnregisterExtension. A new windows appears.
  • Paste the key of the plug-in (com.vmware.vcops )and click Invoke Method. This removes the plug-in and results in void.
  • Wait for few minutes or restart the vCenter server services once and trigger the vCenter data collection on the vRBC

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